cognitive acuity’s expertise is in the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and machine vision.  our “fusion” platform provides a comprehensive solution set of capabilities and solution process design tools that users, engineers, and analysts use to create simple to complex solutions.

our algorithms and solution kits may be deeply embedded in System on Module (‘SOM’) or System in Package (‘SIP’) chipsets, in some cameras, on the edge, in the cloud, or on servers.

fusion solution kits convert visual data and sensor data into actionable meaningful data and business intelligence.  meaningful data requires high levels of accuracy and precision, typically between 95% and 99.9% accuracy.  this empowers organizations to trust the results of our solutions kits.  our partners, clients, and systems integrators deliver efficient solutions that produce outcomes that are trusted and deliver the value and return on investment expected.

cognitive acuity backs up our solutions and solution kits with the professional services and training that will empower you to be successful.

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